​The Hair Transplant Cost in India

​The Hair Transplant Cost in India

The procedure of hair transplant is a single permanent option to sort out the problem of genetic hair loss issue. One can get the best answer to his/her hair loss problem with the restoration of hair and enjoy the benefits of the regrowth of original hair roots. The hair transplant cost always being a concerning question among the hair loss/balding patient and thus they make a research to know the factors responsible for the same. The medical tourism of India unravels the fact that why foreign people/patients take interest to visit India to get the medical treatment and what the factors lies behind as key factors to influence the cost of the procedure!

India is a cosmetic hub for providing the best hair transplant treatment and one can get the benefits of the affordable cost of the services, expert surgeons, certified clinics in order to get the best natural outcomes.

In this article, we are describing the direct influencing factors that accelerate the cost of the procedure is described below:-

  • The Number of Follicular Units: More the grafts you need, the more cost would be increased. The hair transplant cost primarily based on the number of grafts/follicular units and one can speculate the cost once having an idea about the needed number of grafts in his/her case of baldness. Basically, it has been pointed out by the surgeons and doctors that the greater grade of NW-baldness requires a very large number of grafts that can only effectively fulfil by the FUT method or through the combined technique of the FUT+FUE method. Therefore, the cost of the procedure is highly influenced by the number of grafts/follicular units.

  • The Technique/Method chosen in the Procedure: Which hair transplant technique is suitable in your particular case of baldness or hair loss only decided after the pre-procedure consultation! The two types of techniques are practiced in the hair transplant procedure, namely, the FUT and the FUE hair transplant. And one particular method is the combined technique known as the FUT+FUE hair transplant also termed as the Mega/Giga session of hair transplant accelerates the cost of the procedure. Generally, the Giga/Mega session of hair transplant requires extreme precision and expertise and only an expert hair transplant surgeon can perform it well. However, the technique decision to get the restoration surgery, ask a good and knowledgeable surgeon who has both the technique’s expertise and sense to support the aesthetic need of the surgery.
  • The High-density Need: The need or desire for receiving the high-density hair transplant directly influences the cost as the involvement of the technique of hair transplant and need for a particular number of grafts to escalate the charge of the surgery. The high-density need can be fulfilled either by the FUT technique or through the combined method of the FUE+FUT hair transplant. Generally, the procedural decision of receiving the surgery in India has a respectable position in the hair transplant market. A number of patients/clients every year used to visit India to get the surgery done as many associative factors play a key role in this decision, including the cost of the hair transplants.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is the best decision to get over the problem of hair loss and one get it at an affordable cost if the chosen decision in India.