Natural Hair Wigs in 2018 Everything You Need To know

Natural Hair Wigs in 2018 Everything You Need To know

As more and more women of color are deciding to fully embrace their natural hair and natural hair styles, the wearing of natural hair wigs has increased in popularity. Is a natural hair wig right for you? Read this article and it may just help you decide!

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Natural Hair Wigs

In order to effectively wear a wig, you need to box braid your hair. These protective styles allow your natural hair to rest and grow without damage from the elements and everyday life. Nonetheless, you must still maintain your natural hair while it is braided. You must keep it moisturized as well as conditioned in order for it to stay healthy. We strongly recommend braiding your hair before you use a wig; if you don’t it’s going to add a lot of daily frustration to your getting ready routine.

Properly Preparing for and Wearing your Natural Hair Wig


Before adding your wig or hair extensions, make sure your hair is braided effectively. There are several good braids to use, such as micros and cornrows. Choose your preferred braiding method. The braids provide the foundation for your natural hair wig.

Once you have attached your natural wig, you’ll need to comb through your hair to make it more natural looking since wigs/extensions typically have a uniform curl pattern. Leaving it uncombed will make it look quite odd. We recommend using your fingers to comb through it at this stage.

For the best look, allow a little of your natural hair to come out of the braid to blend with the extensions. This will give your hair greater volume and make the style more naturally looking.

Don’t forget to style your wig! With a half-wig protective style (i.e. box braiding), you’ll need to style the natural hair you left out in order for it to match your extension. Use whichever style makes you feel the most fabulous!

Big Decision: Half Wig or a Full Wig?

The biggest drawback from wearing a full wig is that they lack versatility. Typically, full wigs come in predetermined styles that can’t be altered too much. Sometimes, too, full wings can give off a “fake look.”If, however, you’re looking to do as little maintenance as possible, a full wig may be your best bet.

Half wigs allow for the most versatility but require a greater degree of maintenance. Additionally, you have to style half-wig looks and do more work overall. Half wigs will look the most natural when styled correctly.

What to Keep in Mind When Wearing A Natural Hair Wig

  • Never put a wig on when your hair is wet. This could cause bacteria growth and other damage.
  • When wearing this type wig, always wear a silk liner, too. This helps you retain moisture in your natural hair by reducing friction.
  • Moisturize your hair on a daily basis when wearing a wig. We recommend doing this before bed.
  • When wearing a wig, make sure to regularly wash and condition your scalp. This helps to reduce the risk of your hair becoming brittle and otherwise damaged.
  • Have fun! Your hair is part of you, so show off that inner beauty, beautiful!


We hope this blog has helped you understand how to take care of your natural hair extensions. Whether you are into Brazilian or Mongolian hair, always remember to take care good care of them. You can also learn about different types of hairstyles, in 2018 box braids are very popular and versatile. Learn more about box braids styles.