Fear of Ending a Relationship : All That You Need to Know

Fear of Ending a Relationship : All That You Need to Know

Even after going through heartbreak and pain in a bad relationship, many people suffer the fear of ending it. They cling to the hope that they are going to work things out for the better. If you are in this situation, you are not alone. There are thousands of others in the world suffering the same problem. But according to relationship experts, one can overcome this fear and take action. We have some insights that will help you to make the right decision when faced with the fear of ending a relationship.

Signs That You Should End a Relationship

If you are in an abusive relationship, then this is a red flag to start packing. When your partner is disrespectful through abuse, violence, and threats to cause harm to you, there is no reason to stay. According to data, many couples experience this, but they endure the abuse and continue to falsely hope that things will get better.

Do you feel used by your partner? This is another major sign that you must leave. Being used comes about when you are the only one making sacrifices for the relationship like paying bills, communicating, and trying to create time for the two of you.

Are You Afraid to End a Relationship?

Well, there are many signs of this. If you do not want to look like the bad person in a relationship, the fear of ending it could be controlling you. But this should not be the case. Both of you should be free with each other especially if you met on the Happymatches website and took some time to get to know each other. If you know each other well, you can open up and communicate your feelings instead of always trying to be the good guy.

Other people try to avoid each other if things are tense and they do not want to end the relationship. Whether you are the one in the wrong or not, avoiding your partner means you want things to slip away because you think there is no solution but are afraid to end the relationship. This is worse because you are not even attempting to solve things.

The other sign that you are afraid to end things is that both of you are fighting over the same thing over and over. It means that you have been tolerating things even when you are hurting inside. So, all you do is compromise when your partner continues to cause you pain.

Can You Overcome This Fear?

Yes, you can. The sooner you realize that you deserve to be happy rather than experiencing heartbreak constantly, the better. However, it is good that you try to make things work out between the two of you when possible if there is no abuse in the relationship. But if it is not working out or your safety is threatened, then it is time to end the relationship.

With the insights above, you can see that overcoming the fear of ending a bad relationship is possible. All you need to do is make the right decisions and remember that your happiness comes first.