Facial Hair In Girls: Causes And How To Get Rid Of It

Facial Hair In Girls: Causes And How To Get Rid Of It

What Causes Facial Hair In Girls? 

The beginning of hirsutism or unnecessary hair development starts during the high school years. Undesirable hair development can be caused because of hormones, symptoms of specific medications, or your hereditary structure. How about we concentrate every one of them in detail. 

1. Hormones 

The most widely recognized reason behind exorbitant development in females is irregular or higher-than-typical degrees of androgens (male hormone testosterone) (1). 

Androgens are the hormones that direct the manly attributes in a human body. Ladies and men produce both manly and ladylike hormones. Be that as it may, a few young ladies may have abundance creation of androgens bringing about male example hair development, profound voice like a male, vacillation in weight, and so on. 

The abundance creation of androgens could be because of medical issues, for example, polycystic ovary disorder, Cushing condition, and thyroid unevenness (1). PCOS is the most widely recognized reason, representing three out of each four instances of hirsutism (2). 

2. Hereditary qualities 

In the event that a young lady is having standard periods and has no different issues, at that point the explanation behind abundance hair could most likely be genetical (3). On the off chance that your grandma, mother, or other ladies in the ancestry have overabundance facial hair, at that point you are probably going to have as well (4). 

3. Reactions of drugs 

Certain medications, for example, anabolic steroids, glucocorticoids, and minoxidil can cause hirsutism or inordinate hair development as a reaction (5). 

4. Idiopathic 

In some cases, the reason for hirsutism isn't known, and this is called idiopathic hirsutism. About under 20% of all instances of hirsutism are idiopathic, which implies there may be abundance male-like hair in any event, when you are having ordinary androgen levels and customary periods (4). 

How To Identify Hirsutism? 

Here are a few manifestations to pay special mind to: 

Development of inordinate hair in places where young ladies as a rule have fine development. 

Male example hair development, for example, mustache, whiskers, jaw hair, and so forth. 

The coarse, thick, and dull surface of hair, particularly in zones where young ladies have gentler hair. 

Keep in mind, not all inordinate hair development is hirsutism. Counseling a specialist and going through endorsed tests will assist you with understanding the genuine purpose for the hair development. 

Is There A Permanent Fix For Removing Facial Hair? 

There are just transitory hair evacuation techniques accessible for the time being. The systems lead to a decrease in hair development however not perpetual hair evacuation. Laser and electrolysis are dependable and help in executing or harming the hair follicle, yet some may encounter regrowth (6) (7). 

On the off chance that the hidden reason is distinguished and treated, at that point the hairs may become better and less noticeable. 

How To Remove Excess Facial Hair In Girls? 

Facial hair can be taken out briefly utilizing outer methods. These techniques may suit young ladies. Be that as it may, it is essential to realize the main driver and treat it. This may have a superior possibility of halting facial hair development. Additionally, don't continue with any facial hair expulsion technique without talking with your primary care physician. 

Outer Hair Removal Options 

Epilation strategies, for example, waxing, stringing, or shaving can be useful in the brief evacuation of hair. These strategies are straightforward, cheap, and can be attempted at home or a salon (8). 

Electrolysis is another technique that has demonstrated consequences of going bald. This cycle helps in the expulsion of hair roots. As per the Indian Journal of Dermatology, you can have 15 to half perpetual going bald with rehashed medicines (1). 

A noticeable strategy for hair expulsion is the laser procedure. Laser technique helps in the devastation of hair follicles and the decrease of hair development yet can't eliminate for all time (9). 

Depilatories, which are antacid in nature, are accessible in a gel or moisturizer structure. When these are applied topically, they disintegrate on the skin and delicately eliminate the hair (8). 

Pharmacological Options 

In this, meds are given to treat the condition that may be causing exorbitant facial hair. 

Your primary care physician is the best individual to endorse the correct prescriptions for your condition. Medications for androgen receptor blockers, contraceptives, and drug for PCOS are viewed as reasonable oral solutions for directing over the top hair development (1). 

Note that any hair expulsion technique can prompt pigmentation or touchy skin. Apply sunscreen and evade delayed presentation to UV beams to moderate the impacts. 

Are There Any Side Effects Of Facial Hair Removal? 

The way toward eliminating extreme hair development may have some reactions (1). How about we examine some of them: 

Tingling or consuming sensation 

Certain hair evacuation cycles may cause tingling or aggravation. This may change from case to case and relies upon the kind of hair development as well. 


Hair expulsion is unique in relation to haircutting, and in this manner, it's anything but a charming or agreeable experience. At the point when the hair is eliminated from the root or hair follicles are copied to lessen their development, it might cause distress and agony. 

Staining and scarring 

Because of the utilization of warmth, a few young ladies may encounter mellow to serious scarring. This can be moderated with appropriate aftercare. 


Expulsion of facial hair requires some serious energy, and each methodology is extraordinary. Epilation strategies may give moment however transitory help. In any case, laser requires some serious energy and requires numerous meetings over months to show results. 

Every strategy has its own benefits and negative marks. Consequently, converse with your primary care physician, and in the event that you know somebody who has gone through such medicines, at that point take their input. It is prudent to leave the abundance hair on the off chance that they are not making any distress and interference everyday exercises. In any case, in the event that it is influencing your confidence, at that point initially get your primary care physician to discover the reason, as it will assist with treating better.