Everyday tips and fashion industry power moves

Everyday tips and fashion industry power moves

As a self-taught fashion designer, I am often asked how I got started in the industry. I did not grow up son of Ralph Lauren, I did not get into a major fashion school or even grow up in a fashion community. I always loved art and wanted to create. My mother and father always tried hard to make sure I was dressed neatly and nicely as they did themselves with the little money they had. Like most kids I imagined about what my future would be like, and how I can contribute best to it. I always thought designing would be the ideal job for me, I love to create, I am very passionate about it, but I don’t know anything about this world. I decided I would do some research on my own to change my lack of understanding and that’s when I began to feel like the world really was working for me. I researched more and more, like a disease I continued, books, internet, I would speak to local seamstresses asking them to help me sew garments. It was the research I did in the meantime from work and school that taught me valuable lessons not just about fashion, but about the working world.

Learn what everyone does, different fields, not just in fashion but within most jobs in life they usually have to work together. Learn what each job function does, study on the internet and read books! Free information on the internet and in the library, anywhere you can get it, immerse yourself in your career, take advantage of the free opportunities all around us! Have fun well you work, you are going to have to do your own research, but make it fun by relating it in your personal life, how will you apply it? Is there any way you can get started now? The beauty of the 21st centuries technological advancements are all at our finger tips, because of this there is almost more info than we even need, but with all this information you also get very few things you will have to pay to learn. You can have a tutor, that will speed up your career, but the biggest advantage you will have is your work ethic and will power. Fall in love with process, why? Fashion is a very popular career choice, there are so many different opportunities constantly hiring you but you are also going up versus more competition, if you don’t love what you are doing you will fade in comparison to someone who does. In a career that is based around art and beaty you always want to stand out from the crowd, loving the work is essential part of this. Now this doesn’t mean you have to fake a smile or that you're aren't allowed to have a case of the Mondays, but it means If available you do want to go the extra mile. Any type of experience helps, just because you are not studying in school doesn’t mean you are allowed to take short cuts.

Many people will read this and say well I knew that, lose that attitude. It's not about what you know so much of what you actually apply to your career. If it was as simple as saying all stylist receive clothing from me, and I could give to you the styles for a celebrity wardrobe, building your resume with amazing clients I would do it. The truth is getting clients may take time, the work you do inbetween finding the clients as photographers may take time but it's worth it, and everything is constantly changing! You need to study how models got into the industry before you, what made Gigi Hadid great. Google search your favorite artist. How far are you willing to push, moving to a big city definitely has its benefits, if possible, and you are really serious, I would always recommend it. You may be scared, that’s okay, calculate your risk, obviously you want to be smart about the situation but you want to grow! Now obviously some people can't leave so easily, research info through online and books. Surround yourself with people like you, even if you're embarrassed to speak about your dreams, chances are if you have them others will too.

Well I can only give you my advice I can say it has served me and others well. I have managed to stay active with my career, moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco Bay Area. Although I say working from your own hometown is possible, I also stated taking advantage of every opportunity you can would benefit you, this is something I feel has worked for me in moving to Los Angeles. There are many ways to take advantage of the down time we have during a pandemic, how you approach the situation really will determine how you shine when the world is up and running again. Please stay busy and willing to learn during these times, your future self will thank you. Although the future of your career may seem bleak at times, you are much more capable of getting your dream career on the right track.

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