​Essential Beauty Tips of Arabian Woman

​Essential Beauty Tips of Arabian Woman

How much ever we debate women always stands first for beauty. Starting from the hair to heels they maintain the charming gloriousness. The efforts you put in to look beautiful and attractive may cost you much on your beauty care. Follow these tricks and tips that will help you maintain and double your beauty in no time Let’s move down the order

Hair care:

Every woman desires to have long, good looking and smooth hair. A few protective measures are enough to attain it. Use the appropriate shampoo that can keep your hair away from dust and enhances the growth. While washing your hair wash it thoroughly from the tips to the top. Hair can be damaged by intense UV rays and heating tools so make sure to use the best hair dryer at a perfect range not to cause any damage to it. Get the best conditioner suitable to your hair which can restore moisture to dry hair and thereby make it feel smooth and silky.


The best way to have a glowing skin is to protect it mainly from sun rays. These sun rays which are UV rays can stimulate the production of melanin that which gives a darker complexion to your sun. In order to protect your skin from these harmful rays uses a sunscreen daily that has ingredients intended to protect skin from the sun. A healthy diet is obviously the natural and most general way of getting the skin bright. You can try foods like walnuts, almonds and more which mostly contain omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E that retain moisture and cause the skin always be glowing.

Face care:

Getting her face look right way is what made emerge the importance of facial beauty. It is the first chance to impress by looking it appealing and graceful. If you are travelling out always have your face covered with a clean mask or scarf. This conserves your face from dust and sun rays. Use the proven and most authenticated face wash and use it twice or thrice a day. The most practiced way of everyone to clean your face is to use olive oil or lemon juice and rinse your face gently. You can try this way once daily or thrice a week to increase the elegance.

Lip care:

Lips say more about her that may be about her mood and her character. They play a prominent role in featuring your face beauty. The best method to take care of those lips is to use the lip balm which is the fastest remedy to dry lips. Today lip colors are available in vibrant and bright shades. Try the best one which matches your dress on that party day. According to your complexion use the light or dark colors that match you. Get from the popular online portals like Ounass, Awok, Nisnass and other stores that too in best discounts using the exclusive Awok coupons& special offers available in every store.

Eye care:

Undoubtedly the most beautiful part of the face is eyes. And care should be taken towards them. Mostly to reduce lighten dark circles the best way is to place cucumber slices over your eyes and rest for a while. They have cooling properties that refresh your tired eyes. Get your eyebrows to shape right that gives an additional beauty to your looks. It is best to use organic kajal which is very healthy for your eyes. It helps heal the eyes, makes the eyelashes thick and blacker. One of the main benefits of organic Kajal is that it relieves eyes from stress.

Body & Personal care:

Women are more conscious about how they look. To keep your confidence levels high, it is better to go for the gym to keep yourself fit and in shape. Also to look beautiful it is important to have a small work out that wipes out all your tensions. Maintaining a perfect diet is very vital that should contain vitamins, nutrients etc. The fatter items should be avoided.

Perfumes & Fragrances

To always keep you fresh and smell good in the environment irrespective of the temperature, body chemistry perfumes play a key role. Use the right perfumes that don’t cause irritability, pain which are high chemical contenders. Use the women-oriented fragrances more of them without getting confused with that of men. This can give us separate status in our mates of what we are.

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