5 Ways to Enhance Your Online Safety for A Better Dating Experience

5 Ways to Enhance Your Online Safety for A Better Dating Experience

Online dating services are a great way to meet other people you can hang out with. In a world where everyone has busy schedules, online dating gives people a good way to meet and quite possibly make their match. , There are also those who not so busy but spend all their time on computers playing video games or going to chat rooms and forums who can benefit from online dating. However, because the internet is a virtual world, you have to be very careful and make sure you don't get burned, which can happen sometimes too. Here are 5 tips for online dating that can help you keep your sanity intact.


1. Establish Identities and Bona Fides

Whatever you do, be as honest as you can with the information you provide, but DON'T assume the other person is doing otherwise. It's all too easy to post, for example, a false picture (including the dreaded gender bender) and information. Until you can prove otherwise, assume that the other person MAY actually be lying about their age, gender, address, etc. Don't fully assume they're lying, since this ruins the conversations you have with them. Simply hold back and have enough disbelief unless you get solid evidence to the contrary.


2. Don't give out vital personal information

This is very important. The last thing you want to do is to give your bank account number to someone just because she (who might be a "he") acts all pretty and sweet. NEVER provide someone online with vital information that could be used to burn you. These could be your bank information, social security numbers, and even the user name and password of your online gaming characters. There are tons of scammers out there, and if the person you're talking to tries a little TOO hard to pry for vital info, then drop them like a hot potato!


3. Take your Time

There's no rush. Sure, we all want to meet someone special but it's best to take your time to get to know the other person. A guy who may seem like a perfect gentleman, for example, may reveal stalker tendencies after a month or two. Avoid them like the plague, girls! For the men, I trust you've had your own share of nightmare axe-murderess ex-girlfriends too, and those who wipe out your bank accounts so do be careful as well boys! Take your time getting to know your online date before committing to anything that might land you in hot water... or tied spread-eagled on a sacrificial pentagram with your "date" hovering over you with a rusty knife. Don't laugh. It's creepy but it does happen.


4. Offer to meet in Person

Once you're sure that you like your online date, you two get along, and you've got a pretty good groove going, then don't hesitate! Ask them out! From this point on treat it like a real date. Set a time, a place, make your preparations, and go, go, go! This meeting is called an eyeball. This is the only real way you can make sure you weren't getting spoofed by an online prankster pretending to be a chick, or a scammer out to get your money. IF your date refuses to meet in person or makes excuses to avoid an eyeball, assume the worst and bail out! There's always another opportunity with someone better. Don't lose hope!


5. Take precautions when you Eyeball

Lastly, treat the eyeball like a real date, and take safety precautions accordingly. Meet in a public place, keep the initial date a "clean fun" type, and don't carry an overly fat wallet with you in case your date is a mugger with a .44 magnum. Let your folks or, if you're older, your buddies, know where you're going and what time they can expect to hear from you again, just to make sure someone knows where to look for you and rescue you in case Bad Things Happen.


Your safety should always be a priority. Never take anything for granted and assume nothing bad will happen to you. Sure, that does happen only if you take the necessary precautions. Remember these tips, apply them and you can start feeling more safe in the knowledge you can always keep your head in these situations. In the meantime, enjoy your date, lucky you!