5 Hair Styles You Should Adopt Today to Avoid Hair Fall

5 Hair Styles You Should Adopt Today to Avoid Hair Fall

Are you worried due to your hair loss and in search of the hairstyles that can help you in avoiding hair fall?? Read on to learn which hairstyles you can adopt to make your hair healthy.

If you are facing hair loss then it’s not something happening to you only but most of other people are also struggling with the hair thinning. Hence, you need to know if you are losing almost 100 strands in a day then there is nothing to worry about. According to hair experts, if you start to lose more than 100 strands in a day then it becomes risky for you. In case, you are facing hair thinning, you need to be very careful in adopting hairstyles.

First of all, you need to be aware regarding specific hairstyles that cause hair loss in women. If you are fond of ponytails or tight braids then you should quit them right now. These hairstyles have the capability to damage your hair, this is the reasons they are strictly prohibited in your case. Still, if you are fond of making different hairstyles and you feel good after making various styles, then you should go for the hairstyles that may suit you in such situation.

Though, it’s not only for women but also for men. In the case of men, if you have hair loss problem then you shouldn’t adopt the hairstyles that damage your hairline more. You should adopt the related hairstyles, for example, you should get a hairstyle that is longer from the front side and falls over your forehead. In addition to it, men can simply shave their overall head in case of facing baldness.

You may think that adopting protective hairstyles can be boring for you. Hence, in fact, there is a wide range of the hairstyles that keep your hair safe from damage. Have a look at some of the popular and most adopted hairstyles that you should adopt today. These hairstyles are specifically designed for the purpose of making you at ease. Go on to read about them!

  • Buns

Making a bun is considered as the hairstyle that is trendy as well as easy. Some of the people may think that if they make a bun then they may lose their hair but in fact, you need to follow the tricks to keep your hair safe while making a bun. This hairstyle comes with different styles ranges from messy buns to the top and knot buns. When you make a bun, it helps you to keep the ends of your hair safe from damage. While making a bun, you should use the hair ties that are not made up of metals so that they don’t damage your hair. Moreover, keep changing your hair to maintain your hair. For example, if you are making a high bun for 6-7 days then for the next week you need to make lower buns. In addition to this, if you are using the bobby pins to secure your hair buns then you should change their direction from time to time so that they don’t stress some specific hair and cause hair loss.

  • Tucked-Up And Pinned Hairstyles

I really love these hairstyles because there is no margin for going anything wrong. You can change the hairstyle and adopt it as per your desire. When it comes to the protection of your hair then you can be as creative as you want. No matter, what the type of your hair is, you can adopt this hairstyle and protect your hair. Halo braid is one of the most adopting braided hairstyles in all over the world. The hairstyle can be made on instant basis. Even you can keep this hairstyle without doing it again for a few days but it is recommended to leave your hair free for some time. It helps them to be shiny and beautiful.

  • Braids

Braids are always on the trend whenever you are talking about hairstyles and the protection of your hair. Braids hairstyles come in different styles. You may make a simple braid, fishtail braid, French braid, twisted braid, etc. Even if you have curly hair then you can protect your hair by making a braid. This hairstyle is easy to make as well as long-lasting and beautiful.

  • Twist

Another hairstyle that is famous as well as helps to manage your hair fall is entitled to a twist. Most of the females are fond of this hairstyle as this hairstyle provides volume to your hair as well as it suits everybody. You may look classy while making this style. In addition to all other benefits, the ends of your hair remain safe by using this style.

  • Ghana Braid

This is an African hairstyle that is popular among women. Specifically, if you have long hair but you don’t know the ways through which you can keep them in a way that you look pretty and your hair will be safe then this is the best choice you can go for.

Hairstyling Tips

When you make different hairstyles, there are the chances of hair thinning and plucking. You should follow some essential tips to keep your hair safe. Have a look at some of the important tips!

  • You should not adopt the hairstyles that are extremely tight. When you make a hairstyle by pulling your hair back then it damages the hair follicles and roots of your hair. So, you should avoid such hairstyles that may damage your hair follicles.
  • You should avoid your hair from excessive heat. Rods, straighteners, and blow dryers are used for making a hairstyle beautifully. Excessive use of these tools can be dangerous for your hair. Keep them in a limit to avoid damage.
  • You shouldn’t use hair extensions if you want to keep your hair healthy. When you tie the weight with your hair then it pulls your hair follicles down. As a result, your hair roots become weak due to that pressure on your scalp. Problems like hair damage, hair thinning, and dead ends occur in this way.
  • You should condition your hair after doing shampoo. It adds the life of your hair and makes them shiny and beautiful.

Hence, if you want to make your hair strong and manage your hair fall, then you should get hair treatment. Non-surgical procedures include Mesotherapy and PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and surgical procedures include FUE, FUT, and Stem Cell FUE hair transplant. Here, you need to know that non-surgical treatment just helps you to manage your hair loss for a specific period of time. On the other hand, surgical procedures allow you to get rid of your baldness and regrow your natural hair. You will get natural hair back permanently by getting a hair transplant. Well, be careful while selecting a surgeon for you.


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