5 Best victoria secret products

5 Best victoria secret products

As a beauty editor, I have the luxury of testing a lot of products—anything from skin, to makeup, fragrances, and everything in between. It's my job to navigate through and narrow down the products that actually—ya know—work.

Let's start with some of my picks from Victoria's Secret, shall we? Although making a beeline straight for the bras in VS may be your go-to move, you definitely should be scouring the beauty section ASAP. My prerogative is always to hit the beauty section first, where a few of my favorite game-changing products are delicately arranged on illuminated vanities (this is what dreams are made of, BTW).

Get ready to smell (and kiss) like an angel, because I'm rounding up the Victoria's Secret Beauty products I absolutely can't live without.


1. A fragrance that amplifies your natural aroma-

  Liquid, Fluid, Bottle, Perfume, Magenta, Glass bottle, Style, Purple, Violet, Lavender, 
  Tease Eau de Parfum, starting at $58
  Olfactory memories are the toughest to squash. Leave a trace of you wherever you go      with the newest addition to VS' fine fragrance collection, Tease; the gardenia-based     scent is formulated to react with your body heat, which means every breath of this   fragrance is completely unique to you. Science!

2. Smooth-as-butter body lotion
Product, Liquid, Lotion, Skin care, Hand, Soap dispenser, Fluid, Plant, 
Tease Lotion, $25
Let's give the people a little something extra, right? Augment the Tease fragrance tenfold when you couple it with this fragrant lotion. Pro tip: Apply right when you get out of the shower, when pores are open from the steam. Trust me, this is the good stuff.

3. Go-to gloss
Product, Material property, Cream, Hand, Skin care, Personal care, 
Plump Me Up Extreme Lip Plumper in Crystal Clear, $8

 layer this formula over every single lipstick shade I own to add shine and volume. This is one of those glosses with tingly plumping properties you can *feel*—don't tell your derm I said this, but the marine collagen-based formula is smooth enough to skip chapstick for the day.

4. For a spritz of courage
Perfume, Pink, Product, Cosmetics, Beauty, Liquid, Magenta, Violet, Material property, Nail care, 
Tease Heartbreaker Eau de Parfum, starting at $58
This one's not for the faint of heart. Those who live a little louder than the rest (I'm looking at you, Leos): Douse yourself in the Heartbreaker edition of Victoria's Secret Beauty's iconic Tease fragrance to demand attention wherever you go.


5. Lotion worth lathering
Product, Liquid, Pink, Material property, Skin care, Lotion, Plant, Fluid, Soap dispenser, Personal care, 
Tease Heartbreaker Lotion, $25
Wear this with the Tease Heartbreaker Eau de Parfum if you're in the mood to meet new people—I've literally been stopped on the street while wearing this lotion (and that's without perfume).