12 Best Travel Hacks and Tips for 2022

12 Best Travel Hacks and Tips for 2022

Traveling is a great way to wash the stress and fatigue off your soul and let your mind relax by exploring new surroundings. And nothing could be better than a funfilled and memorable vacation to take a break from your reality and embrace mother nature or try something unique in your life. 


Whether you are out to experience the thrill of mind-busting escape rooms, conquer the four corners of the world, or enjoy a relaxing holiday away from work to recharge yourself, some travel suggestions can make your trip convenient and ten times more enjoyable. 


So, check out our 12-best travel hacks and tips below to have a comfortable and organized adventure in 2022. 

  1. Book your travel tickets at the right time

Booking at the optimal time and month can save you plenty. And when it comes to airfares, it is always advisable to pick booking in advance (the sweet spot) to avoid last-minute rushes and extra charges that you can otherwise easily avoid by being alert to the right time of offers during the holiday seasons. As a side note, many experts say that Sundays and Tuesdays are perfect for booking flights as they are the cheapest on these days. But you are not bound to follow up with this fact. 

  1. Be flexible during booking 

By being flexible during booking, you can find a decent place to stay during your travels at a reasonable price. Explore as many options and facilities available for dwelling and slowly cut them down to see which ones suit your taste and budget. And if you feel that you are still undecided, don't rush in to pick any hotel or place in a state of no conclusion. Take some time and research some more. You will eventually find your perfect destination to visit. 

  1. Pick your accommodations wisely

While it is a tempting and luxurious opportunity to stay in 5-star hotels during your holiday, you should also not forget to be reasonable during these moments of distraction. Traveling is heavy on your pockets, so try to pick more affordable places to lodge in on your journey. Balance your comfort, location, and budget to get optimum results. See what offers some agencies provide and how you can get the best deals without giving up on your convenience. 

  1. Track your spending and know when to splurge

Traveling is an activity when you often forget your expenditure. And as a result, you may have to compromise later if your budget gets out of hand. And that may lead to your plan of visiting other places getting jeopardized because you might have to avoid spreading your hands or treat yourself to save up for later. Thus, keep a count of your spending and track how much money is going where so you can allow yourself to splurge and spend comfortably when your favorite moment or place comes. 

  1. Scan your documents and mail yourself a copy

Your documents and ID are essential when you are traveling. So it is better to keep a copy of each one of them and save it on your phone and send it to your email account, so you can fish it out to show scanned images and pdfs to provide whenever required at various places for security reasons. It will also allow you to access them even when you have no internet connection. 

  1. Use Credit Cared whenever required

Using your Credit Card is a wise choice when you are on holiday or out traveling to a different place. They often come with travel insurance and other benefits to help you save money in case of fraud, flight cancellations, delays, accidents, etc. So go through your card policies and protect yourself using its advantages during your journey. 

  1. Keep Google Translate downloaded for offline use

Not knowing the language of another place can make you feel lost and misunderstood. To avoid going through this dreadful situation, download the offline version of Google Translate to keep tabs on your area and find what someone or the names on the road sign, market area, and menus are telling. 

  1. Don't forget to try the local street food

Your vacation is incomplete without the taste of local cuisine. These foods have some of the best and most authentic flavors of the place you are visiting and savor that could put many five-star hotels to shame. By trying the local plates and recipes, you can get closer to the culture and diversity of the place and learn more about the lifestyle of the people there and their eating plus cooking habits. 

  1. Have offline Google Maps on your phone

Download an offline map of the region you are traveling in and staying. In this way, you can prevent the liability of feeling confused and stuck when a transport drops you a bit off the destination; and you have no Wi-Fi to identify your location. 

  1. Pick Ubers over the local taxi

Local transport may not always favor your situation when you are traveling. The language barrier could lead to your wallet getting ripped off and you getting scammed in the process. Besides, Ubers are safer and charge a reasonable price for the ride. 

  1. Bring ATMs to get foreign cash

It is always advisable to have foreign money when you are traveling. You can get it from an ATM or go to the bank to exchange the currencies. But ensure that you don't get looted in this process, and also remember that some ATMs double charge by combining the amount of local and foreign banks. 

  1. Hold a fake wallet in your pocket

It does not mean that you are bound to get pickpocketed while traveling. But a bit of precaution won't hurt anyone. Stack a generous amount of fake cash and bills in a faux wallet if someone outdoes you in a crowd and runs away with your money. And don't forget to keep your actual purse hidden away somewhere safe and out of sight of others.  

Final Thoughts 

While traveling in 2022, remember to keep a box of supplies with you, like medicine for upset stomachs, headaches, allergies, fever, and cold. And also, things like life straws, bag covers, changes, a copy of your ID, masks, wipes, and other necessary stuff that you may never know when could come in handy. Always wear comfortable attire that suits the environment of your place of visit. And most important of all, don't forget to enjoy it thoroughly no matter what happens. Keep a cheerful attitude, and your journey will become an incredible ride from the beginning to the end.

Author Bio: Charlotte Lin is a content creator at escaperoom.com. She’s a passionate young woman, mother to an amazing nine-year-old, and an avid reader. Over the years, writing has helped her explore and understand the world as well as her own self. She loves to travel, meet new people, and spend quality time with her daughter. You can find her on LinkedIn.